The Smart Guy LLC
The Smart Guy LLC
Idaho Falls Computer Services


The Smart Guy customers
are SATISFIED customers!
Becky Jarvis:

Clint was awesome. Everything is working great now, and he gave us great suggestions to upgrade our computer even more.
Kevin Birch:
Birchtree Real Estate

We needed a printer and scanner set up on our LAN.
C.J. came and got everything running for us quickly. Very professional and reasonably priced. I would definitely use him again.
Russel Paskett :
Wealth Management

We had C.J. help us with installing switches in our computer rack. He brought all of our ethernet ports online for the building. He also connected all of our Mac's and PC's to our Ricoh office printer. He helped us upgrade the speed of our wireless network. I highly recommend using The Smart Guy LLC!
Chris Walker:

C.J. knows Microsoft like the back of his hand and has been so helpful when I've upgraded machines and changed operating systems (ie. going back to Windows 7 from 10. ;-)
John Barth:
Barth and Associates Insurance

I think the Smart Guy is an awesome computer expert. I would recommend him to anyone!
Susan Bond:

I had a laundry list of things on my phone and computer that CJ connected and got working, including anti-virus and email security.
Don't worry! If it's not fixed it's FREE!!